About Me


....... when I first came across the doctrine of karma and reincarnation. With my Pisces Sun and south node in the 9th house and my Moon in Sagittarius, my quest to discover life’s meaning was there in my blueprint. As a young adult I was drawn to the esoteric, or 'perennial philosophy' - the philosophy behind all of the religions or spiritual belief systems of antiquity.   I read countless books on theosophy, metaphysics, mysticism, religion, new age 'spirituality', astrology. I became fascinated with astrology and began to study it under the tutelage of several master teachers.  With a passion for consciousness raising material,  I also studied naturopathy and holistic health.  Body, mind and soul - I came to understand, are different expressions of the one spirit.  Professionally I worked as a journalist, wrote a couple of books and became a yoga teacher. By far my most valuable and fulfilling 'career' has been bringing up my four children. There is nothing like living life to teach you about the meaning of life.

Astrology has been there since the beginning of my quest. It has been in the background of everything I have done, weaving its mystical strands in and out of my life, as my journey took me into deeper and deeper levels of understanding. Each time I returned to astrology, I brought with me some new significance, more meaning, yet another piece for the puzzle.  Discovering evolutionary astrology was a turning point. This astrology illuminated the essence of the personality in this lifetime and the grander story of the soul's continuance across many lifetimes.  It felt right.

I know without a shadow of doubt, how profoundly astrology has helped me find out who I am and in turn helped me to relax into my true nature. It is to our own natures that we must be true. The other side of that coin is the awareness astrology brings to us, of the places where a little more work, more patience and diligence would be helpful. It brings understanding of our challenges and therefore compassion for ourselves. We are, when all is said and done, a work in progress. We are all on the Quest - whether we know it consciously or not. 

I am an explorer of consciousness and a communicator.  In offering in-depth astrology readings, my intention is to help you in the quest to discover who you really are - at the level of soul.  You are part of the Mind of God, the Absolute, Infinite and your life is very precious. It is a gift. I want you to realize how magnificent and unique you are and to help you manifest your truest potential.  The best way to do this is to know who you are, from the inside out. I invite you to begin the most exciting quest of all - to know yourself.