We do not really need astrology.  We can live quite happily without it. But, if we are ready to embark on the quest - to know who we really are then evolutionary astrology is one of the most potent means we have to help us along the way.

The Kosmos, that is the visible and invisible (or the subjective and objective) universe, is an intelligent consciousness system. Within it a hierarchy of consciousness spirals downward from a greater Soul to lesser fields of consciousness. We are on an evolutionary journey in this Kosmos, up through the levels and layers of consciousness, from matter to Spirit.  The Sun and planets are all part of this 'emanation of consciousness.'  There is such intelligent design and purpose to it all. We must know that destiny is not blind or arbitrary - nor is it against us as we may believe when we are going through difficult times, or when we question the purpose of our lives.  On the contrary.  It is absolute wisdom in operation.  Our lives are not random and the journey we are all taking, from cradle to grave, is very definitely a purposeful one.  This wisdom, which is known as the 'perennial or esoteric philosophy' is behind all of the known religions or spiritual belief systems of antiquity.  And its core message has never changed.  It tells us how the Kosmos is arranged and of the universal laws.  Karma, is one such universal law.  This message of the principle of karma is one that underpins the whole art of astrology.  This is the astrology I am interested in.....

Why do you have the birth chart you do? Why do you have the nature and personality that you do? Why are your 'core beliefs' - manifesting as particular challenges or talents part of your character?  Why has your life taken the trajectory it has?  These are questions evolutionary astrology, the astrology of karma, can help you find answers to.

As for 'prediction' - I prefer not to use this word.  While it is true certain techniques of astrology can offer some insight as to the nature of the upcoming waves of energy that will, undoubtedly have an effect on your psyche, the responsible astrologer's best role is to describe these energies - not to predict what will happen.  Living in such an intelligent, conscious kosmos as we do, what is to be achieved in trying to cheat our fate? The 'overseer' of this intelligence, without doubt, knows precisely what we need, when we need it. So, we are not in the business of trying to side-step our fate in our following of the movements of the planets, rather, we want to cooperate with it.


“Philosophy has never been shipwrecked upon the rocks of a foolish fatalism. It says that what happens inside you is intimately connected with what happens outside you, that thought, feeling, will, intuition, or character makes its secret contributions towards the events of your life, and that to the extent to which you begin to control yourself, you will begin to control your personal welfare.” (PB)


Astrology, I have come to learn in over three decades of involvement in this ancient art, is unparalleled in its ability to open and expand our awareness of ourselves, and of life itself.

The following is a passage from “A Search in Secret India”, by Paul Brunton, published in 1934. The words were spoken to the author (PB) by a Hindu astrologer in Benares, India:

“It is better than you regard the planets as being only symbols which stand in the sky; it is not they which really influence us, but our own past….. You will never understand the reasonable nature of astrology unless you accept the doctrine that man is born again and again, and that his fate follows him with every birth. If he escapes the results of his evil actions in one birth, they will punish him in the next; and if he does not receive due reward for his good actions in one lifetime, he will surely receive it in the next. Without this doctrine of the continued return of man’s soul to this earth until such time as it becomes perfect, the changing fortunes of different persons would seem the result of mere chance or blind luck. How can that be allowed by a just Deity? No – it is our belief that when a man dies, his character, desires, thoughts and will continue to exist until they enter a body of flesh once more and come among us in the form of a new-born baby. The good or evil actions committed in the former birth will be suitably rewarded or punished in the present or even future births. This is how we explain fate. The planets and their positions only act as a record of this destiny; why they should do so I cannot say. No man’s brain could ever have invented astrology; it came to us from long ago, when it was revealed for man’s benefit by the great seers of ancient times.”

 I do not profess to know about Hindu astrology  - aside from the fact  we (in western astrology) use the same symbolic language – that of the planets.  Evolutionary astrologers subscribe also to the concept that the soul lives through numberless re-embodiments. We reincarnate. And we come back to this Earth for one reason alone: we come back because of karmic necessity.

My mission is to help you, on your Quest by using the tools of evolutionary astrology and the insights of the perennial philosophy. The Quest, should you decide to embark upon it, will ask of you nothing less than facing the truth.  That is, the truth of who you really are.  Who you really are is not only the sum of your personality, your aptitudes and your challenges in this life. It encompasses the whole of your karmic legacy.  What you have brought into this life with you, as the karmic sum of all your previous lives on earth is alive and well within the fabric of your multi-dimensional self today, in this life.

This astrology can help you understand your karmic legacy and armed with such insight, you are well equipped to move forward in cooperation with your fate.


How does it work?.....


What happens to a person is characteristic of him.

He represents a pattern and all the pieces fit. 

One by one,

as his life proceeds, they fall into place according to some

pre-destined design.

C.G. Jung

  The natal chart is a map of the ‘inner you’.  You can think of it as an X-ray of your psyche. Your personality is the outward expression of your psyche. The birth chart is, at its fundamental level, a geometric representation of where the planets were in the heavens at the moment of your first breath. Quite scientific. No need for soul talk here. But this moment was crucial.  It was in fact, the moment your soul’s incarnation into this terrestrial life really began. It was the moment the planetary frequencies or energies, within their unique mathematical patterning, were encoded into your DNA. The symbolism of the planets and the zodiacal signs describe these energies and in turn they describe you.  DNA has governance of our physiology, our body-mind and emotions  and of course our genetic inheritance.  The pattern of the planets at the time of birth influence our body-mind, and mysteriously, their ongoing movements continue to exert an influence on the body, thoughts and emotions. 

And behind all of this there is another side to the chart. There is a ‘chart behind the chart’ that reveals information, when viewed through the lens of evolutionary astrology, on the Soul’s former incarnations.  Past lives of significance influence this life, because from the higher perspective, it is all occurring Now – the past, the present and the future. The space-time construct compels us to focus on this life but the others we have lived are, in a different but relevant sense, are alive and well now, in this moment.  The birth chart is like a living template then, a blueprint upon which the life to be lived this time is constructed. Karmic necessity and the Soul’s intentions (for its own evolution) meet with a distinct genetic make-up - the result of which is an utterly unique human being, on course for an utterly unique human life. 

We are lifting the veil, peering beneath the surface of a life when we go into a birth chart at this depth. We are entering a hidden territory, God’s territory – the place of the Soul. It is therefore, a sacred science this astrology.