Evolutionary Astrology Reading:

Please contact me to arrange a Skype session, or an audio recording of your evolutionary astrology chart.  Written reports may be done by arrangement. Please note, the only ‘computer’ involvement is the construction of the chart itself. ALL interpretation is done by myself for you, and you alone. No information is regurgitated or computer generated. Every chart is a new beginning, as unique as you are.


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Reading and Riding the Waves:

The future is a series of energetic waves. We cannot avoid them coming at us - as they are nature's way of helping us grow. We can, however, anticipate the nature of the surf that is coming your way and offer guidance on how best to ride the waves successfully.  If you at the proverbial cross-roads, or would simply like a clearer picture of the energies coming your way  then this may be the reading you are after. 


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Relationship Reading:

Analysing the combined charts of two people in relationship offers depths of information on the nature of the relationship, the challenges the couple are likely to meet and the intentions for the relationship. A combination of the synastry and the composite chart are used to lift the veil on what is really going on in your relationship.


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