Esoteric Philosophy

Long before Western scientists began to try to dismantle the nature of man and the universe the ancient wisdom teachings tell us that many thousands of years ago all the known religions and spiritual belief systems, from the followers of the Veda to the Hindus, the Ancient Egyptians, the Assyrian and Babylonians, the Indo-Persians, Ancient Greeks, Buddhists, Hebrews, Sufis,  understood the same thing: that there is a Universal Spirit of immense consciousness which both inter-penetrates and transcends the world and all life forms within it. They believed in 'an ethereal body of primordial universal light' from which everything is generated and to which everything ultimately returns and that the human spirit possesses in itself the revelation of this truth. Behind all of the religions and spiritual belief systems of antiquity - there has been this 'perennial philosophy'.  It is an 'esoteric' philosophy - meaning it is the study of the essential nature and interrelationships between all aspects or expressions of existence.   Astrology is an an art or knowledge system that concerns itself with this essential nature of existence.   

“After my death, the molecules of my being will return to the earth and the sky. They come from the stars. I am of the stars.”
— Charles Lindbergh

“We are here on earth in pursuit of a sacred mission. We have to find what theologians call the Soul, what philosophers call the Overself (soul or higher self). It is something which is at one and the same time both near at hand and yet far off. For it is the secret source of our life-current, our selfhood, and our consciousness. But because our life-energy is continuously streaming outwards through the senses, and because our consciousness never contemplates itself, the Overself necessarily eludes us utterly…
…There are four goals which philosophy sets before the mind of man: (1) to know itself; (2) to know its Overself (Soul); (3) to know the Universe;(4) to know its relation to the Universe. The search for these goals constitutes the Quest.”
— Paul Brunton

The esoteric philosophy is this:  knowing our Self, our Soul, the Universe and our Relationship with it.  Evolutionary astrology is in perfect accord with this philosophy.  It does not claim to be the path. It is rather, one path. The first goal,that of knowing oneself through an awareness of our nature, is its main purpose. From there the path of knowledge flows into an awareness of the Universe and our relationship with it.  And finally, one day, we come to know our own soul. We fulfill our sacred mission.